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Since September 18 2001
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Type 'findmaan' or 'free' to see some results...The Database is not very big.

Findmaan was designed with the intention of providing webmasters with a search engine which would offer complete integration into the site and provide customized result pages. Findmaan uses MySQL and PHP in it's back end and it's front end is composed with HTML and Flash. The idea is to list websites that offer developer resources, tutorials, technical information, etexts, and academic information.

How Findmaan works
Findmaan's mechanisms can be divided into 2 main parts.
1)Storage (MySQL)
2)Query (PHP)

Findmaan uses 2 identical tables to store information. One is the active table used for querying and the other is a passive table which stores information submitted by users until validated and added to the main table.

Table structure
URL Title Key Words Description Category Rating cache
varchar varchar text text tinyint tinyint text

The query built by php can be explained with the illustration
Query :Free GAME download

SELECT url,title,description,category,cache FROM main WHERE
LOCATE('free game download',LCASE(<>0
OR LOCATE('free',LCASE(<>0
OR LOCATE('game',LCASE(<>0
OR LOCATE('download',LCASE(<>0 ORDER BY rating

How ever cache and rating have not yet been implemented. Once implemented, rating shall be calculated partly by the relevance and partly by the content(amount of text, images etc.).

IMAGE Listings.
I intend to add a table to findmaan to save images that it encounters while crawling. No steps towards this have been taken yet.

Can You Help
As you see findmaan needs a lot of improvements, If you are interested in developing findmaan for the networking community contact us.

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